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Sweat Belt Questions

What are the benefits of the Slaynetik Fit Waist Eraser?

The sweat belt helps target your stomach area to increase sweating and circulation during your workouts. With increased sweating, the belt is made to help reduce water weight and inches off of your waist. It is also built for comfort and flexibility for your fitness needs and is suitable for all workouts and all body types.

Does this sweat belt help you lose massive weight?
The purpose of the belt is to ENHANCE your workouts and increase sweating in the mid-section area. Please use your belt regularly with your workouts combined with a healthy balanced diet to see increased weight loss as desired. You can also purchase our beginner friendly meal prep download for healthy meal choices.
Is this considered a waist shaper/corset?

No, the Slaynetik Fit Sweat Belt is just that…a SWEAT BELT! It is not a corset or waist shaper. The difference is in the material versus regular shapers/corsets, which makes it suitable for work out purposes.

How do I care for my belt?

To maintain proper care, please DO NOT machine wash your belt. You must hand wash your belt using a sponge or towel, cold water, and detergent or soap. Please let your belt AIR DRY fully before using again. You may wash your belt after every workout or as needed.

How do I select my Sweat Belt size?

Before purchasing your sweat belt, please MEASURE YOUR WAIST for accuracy. Please refer to our size chart.

What is the belt material?

The sweat belt is made of high end durable neoprene quality with breathable moisture absorption. This elastic breathable material helps the body produce heat and repel moisture. The sweat belt also consist of a fully adjustable Velcro strap to adjust around the waist.

When should I wear my belt?

It is highly recommended that this belt is only worn during physical activity and not to be worn while you are sleeping.

My belt says XL, but I am a 1X-3X?

The XL belt is also considered for our 1X-3X plus size babes, catering up to a waist size of  50 inches.


Sweat Cream Questions

What is the sweat cream made out of?

The Slaynetik Sweat Cream is made out of 100% natural cream and oils, it is listed on our website and on the jar itself.

Does this sweat cream help me burn fat?

The purpose of the sweat cream is to ENHANCE your workouts, targeting the slow to respond mid-section area to increase sweating. This cream cannot help you burn fat, but it can aid in helping you sweat more with your Slaynetik Fit Sweat Belt, firming your mid-section, and aid in losing water weight around your waist.

Does this sweat cream help remove stretch marks?

Yes, mixed with Shea butter and Mango butter and our natural oils, this cream can help remove stretch marks and tighten skin with regular usage. You should see results within 1-2 months from regular use.

Is this sweat cream scented?

Yes, the sweat cream has a light mango fragrance, and will leave you smelling refreshed after your workouts!

What are the benefits of the sweat cream besides sweating?

Benefits includes nourishing skin, works as a restorative stimulant for muscles, an anti-inflammatory that helps heal damaged skin, AND can also be used as a moisturizer after workouts or on other muscle areas to sooth your body.

How do I apply the sweat cream?

Simply apply a small amount as desired onto your midsection before putting on your Slaynetik Fit Sweat Belt. Rub the cream in thoroughly so you do not leave globs of cream on your mid-section before putting on your belt.


Shipping & Payment Questions

What is your exchange/refund policy?
Due to COVID-19 and the customization of our products, we do not offer exchanges or refunds. All orders are final upon purchasing.
If I am in the Florida area can I pick up my Slaynetik Fit products?
No, all orders will be shipped out. We do not offer local pick up at this time.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept all major debit and credit cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo. We also accept PayPal.
Do you accept CashApp, Venmo, or Apple Pay payments?
At this time, we do not accept CashApp, Venmo, or Apple Pay.
When will I receive my tracking number?
Once your order has been processed for shipping at the post office you will receive your tracking number information. You may also download the Arrive App for notifications of your shipment or enable text alerts from USPS for accurate delivery updates.
I need to change my address before my products ship
Address changes occur 24 hours after placing your order. However, you may contact UPS once your tracking number is received to have your package rerouted.
How long does it take to receive my order?
3-5 business days after processing.
How long is processing for apparel items?
Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we do offer international shipping.

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