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PINK DELUXE Slaynetik Fit Waist Eraser

$35.00 USD

Boost your workouts with the #1 Waist band to have you dripping!  #ExperienceTheDrip with The Slaynetik Fit Waist Eraser! With its extreme flexibility and durability, no steel or plastic bones needed! Making your workouts perfect for all Cardio and strength training performance! You can also wear your waist eraser for leisure wear and casual activities. We strongly promote a balanced diet and workout regimen while wearing your Slaynetik Fit Waist Eraser for maximum results!

Sweat belt benefits includes:

  • Lose water weight and inches from the waist
  • Sauna affect material for sweat compression
  • Comfortable for high intense workouts and strength training
  • Flexible and durable material for longevity
  • Sizes: S-3XL
  • Mid/Lower back support
  • Effectively enhance ab muscle strength

















**Warning: Please consult with your doctor if you may be allergic to Neoprene materials. Please discontinue use if a rash develops.

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